Bill Stokes Bill Stokes Showcase
Bill Stokes Bill Stokes Showcase
Now You Have a Choice!
SHOWCASE "Old Wood" Pot Assembly
The “OLD WOOD” Rim
(Timeless Timber®)
NOW... you can supercharge your present banjo with a virtual pre-war rim and hear the big sound that the “old wood” produces.
$495 (rim only)
complete Pot Assembly
includes: “old wood” rim and resonator, McPeake tone-ring, head, bridge, tailpiece, armrest, all the hardware, Showcase strap, hard-shell case, and one-time domestic shipping.
$call for price
The Showcase Capo The Showcase Capo
The overwhelming choice of the pros. For banjo (flat or radiused necks) or guitar.
$110 plus S/H

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